Another BIG Change in a Year Full of Changes

Going back to work as an Emergency Room nurse after maternity leave! All Heart Scrubs and Littman stethoscope

Going back to work as an Emergency Room nurse after maternity leave! All Heart Scrubs and Littman stethoscope

(AllHeart Scrubs: Top and Bottom. Obsessed with this C3 scrub set! Even flattering on a 6 month pregnant lady)

This year has been chalked full of change for our family. Namely, my pregnancy and subsequent pregnancy induced illness. But, as you can probably tell from my scrubs, I am feeling better and have headed back to work! If you know me personally, or read the blog (like this fun post) you know that before having Julian, I worked as an Emergency Room Nurse at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital. I have always been an advocate for veterans, and loved my years at the VA. I am excited to announce that I am back at work in the ER!

Like many working moms, making the decision to return to work was extremely challenging for me. At the risk of sounding like Pollyanna, I wholeheartedly LOVED being a stay at home mom. I found it to be the most rewarding, heartfelt and entertaining job I’ve ever had. Many people have told me “I bet you can’t wait to be back in the real world!” But for me, being a stay at home mom was my real world. It was my whole world! And it was a “job” that I took very seriously, a job that (dare I say) I excelled at. I genuinely loved it, and Julian loved having me home, and I am grateful for that. The decision to return to work was not made lightly. But nursing is a wonderful and evolving profession, and I want to keep my skills and my license up to date.

One of the greatest obstacles with returning to work is the time spent away from Julian. I am immensely grateful that I was able to be a stay at home mother for the first year of Julian’s life. So, I am nervous that I will be missing Jules and my old SAHM gig like crazy. I’m also incredibly nervous about how I will continue to feel day to day in dealing with my pregnancy illness: hyperemesis gravidarum. Wasn’t pregnant when I applied for the job! But the bottomline is that I am excited about my return to nursing and I now have the utmost of respect for all you mamas doing this juggle.

As you can imagine, this will mean a few changes for the blog. Like always, you can expect the same thoughtful content. I will work my best to bring you posts frequently, however, my posting schedule may need to be reduced depending on how I am able to balance it all. Most of all, time will tell how much I am able to take on, and I am excited for this opportunity to rejoin the workforce. Nursing is a work of the heart, and is much more than just a job. It is one of the few professions that is physically, emotionally and mentally stimulating. I hope that I am able to keep a healthy balance between family, work, blogging and life. Wishful thinking? Wish me luck (and health) everyone!!!



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