5 Ways to Make Your Time Feel Richer

Stylish men's wooden watch by JORD

Stylish men's wooden watch by JORDThe holiday season is in full swing and our free time is becoming more and more scarce. I think I speak for us all when I say the holidays can stretch a person thin. Rushing to two different Thanksgiving dinners, the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, the endless lines at the post office. You know what I’m talking about! Even amongst all of the holiday commotion, it is so important to slow down and allow yourself to enjoy the season. In the spirit of the doing things on (Bainbridge) island time, I have teamed up with JORD Wood Watches to share 5 ways to make your time feel fuller this holiday season!Stylish men's wooden watch by JORD1. Spend it with the ones you love: Our time and our family are the most precious resources we have. There is simply no better way to make your day feel fuller than to surround yourself in love. For me, that means my husband Jeff, our son Julian, and our pup Jet! We are always so fortunate to have both of our immediate families in the next town over. When you surround yourself in love, there is no greater feeling!  Stylish men's wooden watch by JORD2. Play: Sing, dance, and laugh out loud! There is just something about a dance party in the kitchen that creates an instant memory! So blast the tunes, break out Cards Against Humanity, or head outside to sing in the rain. Whatever does it for you, be sure to play a little everyday!  Stylish men's wooden watch by JORD3. Celebrate the little things: I am a seasoned professional at this one. I celebrate it all, and let me just tell you now, it never gets old. You can always find a bottle of champagne in our fridge just in case something that day needs a cheers!  And you can always find me overly excited about the littlest things i.e., decorating for Christmas, starbucks red cups, the new Beauty and the Beast trailer, and Julian’s newest kicks.Stylish men's wooden watch by JORD4. Do it yourself: One way that I make my days feel rich is to do the things I love from scratch. For me that’s baking! For Jeff it’s building and repairing just about everything in our home. For you it may be coding, or gardening, or changing your oil. Whatever it is for you, get your hands dirty and do it yourself. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of creating something out of nothing, all by yourself.Stylish men's wooden watch by JORD5. Treat yourself:  Last, but certainly not least, do not forget to reward yourself! Whether it’s for a job well done or “just because,” treating yourself is an important part of leading a life that feels full. You can ask more of yourself when you give more to yourself. And you’re in luck, because as a Bainbridge Boheme reader you can get a discount on a JORD wood watch of your own by shopping their collection here. They have gorgeous watches for ladies as well! So get on that holiday shopping, and treat yourself!Stylish men's wooden watch by JORD

Stylish men's wooden watch by JORD

Stylish men's wooden watch by JORD

Stylish men's wooden watch by JORDJeff is sporting JORD’s Walnut and Jet Black watch from the Conway series. I love how it looks rustic and sleek at the same time. This watch and the gorgeous packaging it comes in are timeless. They will even send you the watch already fitted to your wrist! I will be treating myself to one of their women’s watches very soon.

As always, let me know if you practice any of these throughout your day! And let me know if you pick up a watch for yourself or someone you know! Nothing excites me more than hearing your thoughts on these Bainbridge Boheme posts.



*Thank you kindly to JORD Watches for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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