Autumn To-Do List

Maybe it’s because of the back to school feel, but autumn has always felt like a fresh start to me. I have created a fun list of fall inspired activities I plan on doing with my family. I am already embracing the crisper air and beautiful fall foliage here in Washington. Will you be doing any of these as well? What are your autumn to-do’s? Let me know in the comments!

  1. Perfect my pumpkin pie recipe
  2. Pick apples from the trees on the farm
  3. Make mulled wine
  4. Plant tulip bulbs for the springtime, going to need help from my favorite homesteader
  5. Plan Julian’s 1st birthday party and celebrate his turning 1 year old
  6. Visit favorite pumpkin patch
  7. Draw names from hat for Christmas gifts (our family tradition)
  8. Host first Thanksgiving dinner in our newly remodeled home
  9. Find new winter coat. Splurge inspo here
  10. Switch out summer for winter wardrobe
  11. Make my favorite hearty soup
  12. Hike Mount Ellinor with family



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  1. Great list! Autumn in Massachusetts is the best (spring only lasts 3 days, winter and summer are the pits). We’re also hosting our first Thanksgiving this year and I’m so excited for it.

    I know they’re not as trendy as Canada Goose coats, but everyone up here in New England swears by LLBean winter coats! And, of course, their Bean boots (I own three different pairs…kind of obsessed). Their winter gear (boots, wool leggings, coats, etc) got me through the Snowpocalypse of 2015.

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