Bainbridge Boheme TLC

Blog rebrand

As you can see, things are looking a little different around here at Bainbridge Boheme! The blog has been in need of some TLC for awhile and I could not be more excited about how things turned out.



Miss Allison Wagner from West Coast Aesthetic has been more than generous to help bring my blog vision to life. She has been gracious, immensely insightful, and bonus, she is as stylish as they come!


The Bainbridge Boheme logo has been revamped, the coloring is more cohesive and the category titles have changed a bit. You can still expect the same content as always, but with a chicer presentation. I also recently added a “lifestyle” category to highlight our miscellaneous, everyday moments. In the lifestyle category you will be seeing a lot more of our home and remodeling process, fashion and beauty inspiration and how we celebrate daily life. I hope you enjoy these subtle, and gorgeous changes as much as I do! Happy Monday everyone!



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