The Beginning of Bainbridge Boheme

Perhaps I am 10 years behind the curve, but I recently decided to start a blog! At its least, Bainbridge Boheme will be a way for me to journal and chronicle our lives on beautiful Bainbridge Island, WA. At its greatest, I imagine it as a source of inspiration for celebrating life’s littlest pleasures. Both are worthy goals.On Bainbridge Boheme you can see what I’m whipping up in the kitchen from the sweet to the savory. See how I embrace my new role as a mother. Find out what I’m reading lately and read along with me in a virtual book club. See where our adventures take us; on and off the island. Cheers to a new endeavor! I hope you’ll join me on this journey.



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    1. Thanks Meg! I just finished a really amazing, unique read. I’ll be posting about it very soon!

  1. Wow ! Love it Heidi ! Great job & would love to see you write more about vegan dishes ! I’ve recently eliminated meat, dairy, and oil – and love the changes I’ve made – keep up the good work & can’t wait to see more interesting things on your blog ! Hugs & kisses to the giant cutie Jules ! ?

    1. Great idea! I have a whole host of vegan dishes that I love! Including one of my favorite cake recipes! Stay tuned!

  2. Heidi, love reading your blog, your love of your home town, reading, cooking and most of all motherhood is such a gift! Keep it coming.

  3. Love your zest and passion for Motherhood, reading, family and personal growth and inspiration is admirable! Not to mention your incredibly honed cooking skills.
    Best wishes for much success in The blogging world, looking forward to following your experiences!

  4. I need some good book suggestions! And I’m sure I’m going to salivate over your amazing creations in the kitchen! Can’t wait to read! 🙂

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