Easter Basket Ideas for the Toddler Boy

Easy and unique Easter Basket ideas for toddler boys

Easy and unique Easter Basket ideas for toddler boys

Easy and unique Easter Basket ideas for toddler boys

Easy and unique Easter Basket ideas for toddler boys

I can still recall the excitement of waking up on Easter morning and running down the stairs to see what the Easter Bunny had brought me that year. It was usually a new top, or some make-up for my sister and I, and of course, lots and lots of candy! Peeps, Cadbury eggs, and jelly beans, oh my! Growing up, my mother always had a way of making every holiday feel like the most special event. And Easter was no exception! I’ve mentioned this before in my Valentine’s Day post, but I want my children to experience that same excitement on holidays that I cherished as a little girl.

This year for Easter I wanted to think outside the traditional “basket” and create a fun present tailored to my son’s favorite things. If you follow me on instagram or on the blog, you know my son, like many toddlers, is obsessed with trucks! This Green Toys dump truck from Calico Toy Shoppe on Bainbridge Island, served as both a special new toy and a basket. It’s also made of all recycled ingredients, so bonus! Julian is quite smitten with his Jellycat stuffed animals, we have too many to name! He sleeps with them and carries them all around the house. Jellycat is our go-to brand of stuffed animals because they are oh so soft, and just too cute. I picked up his adorable new bunny rabbit from our favorite children’s store, Barna and Co in Poulsbo. 

The sweet Spring inspired book in Jules’ basket is also from Barna and Co. Our guy is a big reader, and I get him a new book every holiday. Besides, I am a sucker for mommy and me style books 🙂  I even added a new pair of the cutest slipper socks you ever did see! They are also from Barna and Co (told you it was my fav) and I just couldn’t pass them up. We have concrete floors at home and Jules is always slipping around in his socks while chasing after our pup. For the rest of the “basket” I added a few of Julian’s favorite healthy treats. And just for fun, I put a couple of snacks into Easter eggs for him to have fun exploring with rattling, opening and then eating them!

I hope that you can find some fun inspiration in here for your children’s Easter baskets! If you do, please be sure to let me know and tag me in your posts!  I love seeing friends try out Bainbridge Boheme projects. But more importantly, there’s nothing better than seeing the excitement of a holiday in your child’s eyes!

Whether you are attending church, or simply enjoying a bountiful supply of Cadbury eggs, I wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Easter. I hope you can find the time to slow down a bit and celebrate the holiday with a loved one.

Toddler Boy Easter Basket:

Dump truck: Green Toys from Calico Toy Shoppe

Bunny: Jellycat from Barna and Co

Slipper socks: Melton from Barna and Co

Book: “You Are My Baby” by Lorena Siminovich from Barna and Co

Treats: HappyBaby from Town and Country Market



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