Fourth of July

Happy Birthday America!
Happy Birthday America

Our small town really comes to life over the Fourth of July! BBQ’s, parades, bare feet and boating are what summers are made of here in the Pacific Northwest. And when I was working at the VA Hospital in Seattle, I gained a new appreciation for holidays that make our country uniquely America. This year for the 4th of July we are hosting a family dinner at our home. Most of my family members have odd work schedules, so it is rare that we all get to celebrate together. In fact, our 4th of July celebration is doubling as a belated Father’s Day celebration! I am feeling particularly grateful this year that I get to celebrate with everyone, as my former work schedule rarely allowed it. Just one more perk of being a stay at home mom!

This delicious flag pie takes a little extra effort, but makes a big statement.  I used this recipe for the filling, and of course, my own crust recipe. I had fun building the flag crust and the finished product did not disappoint. It is one of those pies that’s almost too pretty to eat, almost!

How are you celebrating America’s birthday? I hope it’s with family, friends and lots of red, white and blue! Happy Fourth of July everyone! 



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