Girls Night In

An indulgent charcuterie and cheese platter

Now that our house renovations are (mostly) over, I have been taking full advantage of hosting in our new home. Over the weekend I hosted a casual girls night in with some of my dearest childhood friends. We sipped and snacked and laughed as we reminisced.

When hosting, I don’t like to make a big fuss because it tends to stress me out and give me an aversion to hosting again! I’ve found that the key is to keep things simple and to not let the idea of the perfect night get in the way of having a relaxed get together. Those always end up making the perfect nights afterall.

Do you celebrate by staying in? I hope you do! And I hope it’s with good drinks and good friends! Cheers!


The drink: Lime and rose spritzers

The food: Charcuterie and cheese board with a fig and honey plate

The dessert: Lavender and lemon shortbread cookies

Cheers to pink details
Cheers to pink details
A refreshing lime and rose spritzer
A refreshing lime and rose spritzer
Fresh figs and honey
Lavender and lemon shortbread cookies
Babes and babies



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  1. We had such a great time! Thanks for having us over! I need to try making those lavender cookies. Those were SOO good. Ps jet is adorable 🙂

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