Good Reads: The Girl on the Train

Girl on the Train

The suspense of “The Girl on the Train” will keep you up all night until you’ve finished reading! There has been a lot of buzz about this book lately, as it has some parallels to “Gone Girl” and is being made into a film that will be in theaters this fall.

While on the train, the protagonist, Rachel, witnesses something that drives her deep into events that unravel her already broken world. The story is told from three different points of view, and each turn of events is more shocking than the last. “The Girl on the Train” is a thrilling ride!

Have you read it? Do you plan to? Let me know your thoughts!

Favorite quote: “I don’t know. I don’t know where that strength went, I don’t remember losing it. I think that over time it got chipped away, bit by bit, by life, by the living of it.” -Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train



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