How We Named Our Inez Marie

How we named our daughter, Inez Marie

I hadn’t planned on writing about how we named Inez, however, I have had so many questions on her name! I thought I would answer them here and share her naming story. First off, I want to clarify the pronunciation of her name. Which, I will say, I never thought I would have to do! It seemed obvious to both Jeff and I, but I suppose you never know until you announce. Our Inez’s name is pronounced “In-ez.” We’ve heard some pretty creative variations, but it’s simply, Inez. Just like it looks. Her name means “pure” and has Spanish origins, but that’s not why we chose it.

Years ago, when Jeff and I were dating, his father’s mother passed away. We traveled to Chehalis to attend her celebration of life. During the service, we both noticed the most beautiful name on the program book. Jeff’s Grandmother’s middle name was Inez. We both mentioned the name several times that day and on our way home. I can’t recall if we said it out loud then, or if it was just an unspoken agreement. But we knew that someday, if we were lucky enough to have a daughter, she would be named Inez.

We loved that it paid homage to Jeff’s family. We loved how unique, yet timeless the name felt. Settling on Marie as a middle name was simple, as we wanted to include a family name from my side as well. My Great Grandmother Winnifred’s middle name was Marie given to her by her Father in honor of her Mother Marie. My mom, and I both have Marie as a middle name. In fact, my dad often calls my mom Marie as her first name.

Our Julian Koki also has a family name. Named after his Japanese Grandfather, Koki. I love the idea that both of our children are watched over by family members before them.

Our Inez Marie is such a dream. I am currently working on writing her birth story, and cannot wait to show you all photos from the magical day she was born.



Photo by Chelsea Macor Photography

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  1. Thank you Heidi for sharing this beautiful story of how you Choose sweet Inez’ name it is so very special to also be Jeff’s Grandmother’s name as well!
    To reach back into the Cox side of the family your Great Grandmother Winnifred Cummings Cox middle name was Marie given to her by her Father in honor of her Mother Marie, so you can see you are carrying on a longstanding family tradition of passing along names to new generations coming into our family?

  2. Heidi, I love this post!!! I was actually going to ask you how you came up with Julian and Inez’ names! I think it’s a beautiful thing that you’ve given both of your children family names as a middle name – my husband and I did the same with our son, and are planning on continuing the tradition with any future children we have.

  3. I loved reading this story of how you decided on our little angel’s name. I knew it was a family name but not all those details. I was so very happy to have time off work to come up to the hospital daily to see you three and also very happy to have Julian with us while you began postpartum healing. I love you all so much!

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