Island Hop

We are doing the island hop this week! Goodbye Bainbridge, hello Maui! Maui holds a special place in my heart. It was Jeff and I’s first trip together shortly after we met, and where we would later get engaged. I can’t wait to show Julian the lush landscape and watch from the beach as Jeff and my brother-in-law surf.

I have always been a planner when it comes to trips. After creating a packing list, I often pack and repack my suitcase well in advance. My husband on the other hand can pack in 5 minutes the morning of a trip and not think twice about it. Note how his packing list has not been included in this post! Now that we have a baby in the mix, getting organized is a tad more challenging. So for all of you traveling families with young babes, this one is for you! I’ve thrown in a few links of my favorite products. What do you pack when you are traveling with a baby? Any last minute traveling or packing suggestions for us? Here is a list of what baby Jules and I will be bringing on our 10 day Hawaiian vacation.

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Aloha sunshine and surf!

 Mama’s Suitcase

Clothes and Shoes
Tops x5
Shorts x3
Jeans x1
Sweatshirt x2
Workout outfits x2
Nursing tanks & undergarments
Tennis shoes for hikes x1
Sandals x2

Beach Gear
Swimsuits x3
Sun Hat x1
Sunglasses x2
Beach cover x1
Sunscreen and after sun lotion

Shampoo and conditioner
Beach spray
Make up
Razor, cream
Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss
Lip balm
Multivitamin and supplements

Phone charger
Water bottle

Baby’s Suitcase:

Onesies x5
Shirts x5
Shorts x4
Pants x2
Pajamas x3
Sweatshirt x2

Beach Gear
Swim shirt with SPF
Sun hat with SPF
Swim diapers

Eczema lotion
Vitamin D drops

Getting Around
Ergo and Solly Wrap
Hiking backpack

Owl (Jules loves “forest walk”)
White noise machine
Pack ‘n Play (purchasing one in HI)

Diapers x100 Overnights x12
Wipes x2 packs
Travel sized pack of wipes x4
Diaper rash cream (just in case!)

Board books/Indestructibles
Various favorite toys



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