Julian at 10 Months

Baby boy at 10 months old

Our Julian Koki is 10 months old! It is all flying by far too quickly, but especially this last month. Julian is a busy, busy boy. Read on to find out what he’s up to at 10 months old! We love you beyond measure baby Jules.

Biggest Milestones: Julian is still crawling around like crazy, and absolutely loves the stairs. He loves going up the stairs that is! Lots more standing with assistance, but needing less and less. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, this guy is too fast for me!

Talking: Baby Jules is such a chatter box. He babbles very loudly all day long, but especially when he’s excited about something. Sometimes at night when I’m singing his lullaby he’ll start talking louder and louder just to talk over me. This guy wants to be heard!

Eating: I am no longer solely making Julian’s food. I just could not keep up with this heavy feeder! I would constantly be making big batches of baby food purees and he would plow through them in a matter of days. He’s not in the 99th percentile for height and weight by accident, he makes it his mission! He now eats what Jeff and I eat, and snacks on puffs and puree pouches, he is also still nursing. It’s hard to say what his favorite food is because he really does love it all!

Sleeping: Julian is still a wonderful sleeper! I can’t even express how grateful I am for that. He is taking two naps a day, and sleeping through the night. He has gotten to the place where he can put himself down to sleep, and that makes life a little easier for us.

Favorite activity: Our guy loves being outdoors! We have been working a lot on our garden lately, and Jules will often end up in the Ergo carrier (or hiking backpack if Jeff is carrying him) while we garden. He favorite is our evening strolls with his puppy. I capture those walks a lot on snap and instagram stories.

Favorite book: Lately at bedtime we’ve been reading The Runaway Bunny. I absolutely adore this book, because it reminds me of my mother reading it to my siblings and I years ago. Jules likes to try and turn the pages, and he loves the bright beautiful pictures.

One thing I never want to forget: It was short lived, but for a while there Julian was doing the sweetest head tilt. It would be a random occurrence, maybe after he was clapping with excitement, or just as he was taking a break from playing, and he would sweetly rest his head on his right shoulder and give the most darling smile. That head tilt melts my heart. You can see him doing it for the camera here!



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