Julian at 12 Months

Our sweet baby boy at 12 months of age, find out his milestones and favorite things at this age!

Our Julian Koki is a 1 year old! Wow, I just can’t even believe that sentence right there. But the calendar doesn’t lie. I recently wrote Julian’s birth story and it brings back all of the emotions of that day, and this past year combined. This will be the last of the monthly motherhood updates on our Julian. I may write updates on his 6 month marks, but nothing is quite like the growth and development that occurs in that first year. Read on to find out what Julian is up to at 12 months old! We love you beyond measure baby Jules, Happy 1st Birthday!

Biggest Milestones: Julian can stand without assistance and is threatening to walk any minute now! It still amazes me to see those legs support his entire body that once couldn’t even roll over. Okay, I warning you, this one is going to be overly nostalgic.

Talking: Baby Jules continues to be such a chatter box. He says ya, mama, dada, nana, and what sounds like dog when he’s pointing at our puppy, Jet. Or it could be “down” when the pup is trying to jump up on his highchair. He also says “ni-ni” for night-night at bedtime, oh my heart!

Eating: Jules is an eating machine. He literally eats it all. He is still nursing, and I am very proud of that fact. I have struggled through 4 bouts of mastitis, so it feels like a victory to make it a full year of breastfeeding. Julian’s favorite foods are berries, cheese and pretty much anything that he sees an adult eating.

Sleeping: Our big guy is a champion sleeper. He still takes two naps a day, and sleeps through the night. I am so grateful for his ability to sleep well, it makes life a little easier on Jeff and I! He usually sleeps from 7:30pm-7:30am, so we have time to wind down in the evening and time to wake up in the morning. Bless you Julian!

Favorite activity: Lately I’ve realized that Julian is drawn towards cars, trucks and anything with wheels. His favorite toys all have wheels! He loves to crawl and push his trucks around the house at full speed, always trying to outrun the puppy. He’s also really into dancing lately! He throws his hands up and bounces up and down to music! I have way too many videos of this on my phone right now.

Favorite book: Our latest book obsession is “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. We read it just about every day. Jules loves to turn the pages and throw the book after I say “The End.” I checked this book out from the library last winter when Julian was just an infant, so I had to buy it when I saw it recently at Eagle Harbor Books. It’s a sweet winter story of a boy and his mittens, and lots of friendly woodland creatures!

One thing I never want to forget: Julian is a fairly independent baby. He is not much of a snuggler, as much as I have wished he was! He is just far too busy for that. He likes to do his own thing and when he needs a little love or reassurance it’s usually a brief moment. But there is one instance when he really needs his mama, and that’s anytime he meets someone new. He is in the stranger danger phase and holds me so tightly while nuzzling into my chest any time he meets someone new. I know this phase will be short lived, so I will take the snuggle, always!

Happy, happy birthday sweet baby Jules, we love you immensely.




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  1. Such a very Special Little Fella our Jules, such a joy watching Jim grow up❤️ Thank you Heidi for providing those of us boy nearby a chance to follow His growth and development! Such a blessing to our family! Happy First Birthday Julian Koki! Uncle Chuck & I love you to the moon and back?

    1. Thank you for saying that! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the monthly motherhood updates. It’s been a joy to write them. But even more of a joy to watch Mr. Jules grow!

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