Julian at 6 Months

Baby Jules at 6 months
Baby Jules at 6 months

Our Julian Koki has been with us for 6 months today. It’s hard to believe, since I feel like I’ve known him my whole life. It has been such a joy to watch Julian’s growth and development. His  personality is coming to life and he brings such love into our family. Here are some of the things I want to always remember about our sweet baby Jules at this age.


Biggest Milestones: Julian is sitting up and rolling over in both directions! The first time he sat up for an extended period of time I was in awe. He loves being on his tummy, especially while sleeping. Initially this caused many sleepless nights for me (back is best, right?!) We still put him down on his back, but every night he settles himself to sleep on his belly. He is beginning to look like he wants to crawl, but it is mostly just scooting backwards at this point.

Talking: Julian is “talking” more than ever, and louder than ever. Since 4 months he has been babbling “Dada” but he doesn’t necessarily connect the word with Jeff, and it’s not clear enough to call it his “first word” just yet.

Sleeping: We have been so fortunate that Julian is a wonderful sleeper! He goes down every night at 7pm in his crib and wakes the next morning between 6-7am ready to start the day!

Favorite activity: Jules love story time! We have been reading to him since birth, and I love that he cherishes books as much as I do. Every Tuesday I take him to baby storytime at the library where we sing, read, and play. We read fun books during the daytime and his nighttime/bedtime themed books in the evening before he goes down for the night.

Favorite book: Julian loves his crinkle book “Silly Tails” by Jellycat. The book has various animals and their tails are made of different textured fabrics. I wish I could recall who gifted me this book at my baby shower, because he is obsessed with it.

One thing I never want to forget: I wake up every morning around 6am a bit before Jules is up. And every morning I get to hear him wake up slowly and talk to himself in his crib. When I come in to get him for the day he is smiling ear to ear. It is the best way to start the day.  


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  1. Wow! Julian seems to be hitting all the milestones early – Lucky you! He’s such a cutie too. I love the way you wrote this out – little sections make it interesting and easy to follow.
    We’re so lucky to have ended up with our smiley little boys! My munchkin wakes up like that too – every day.

  2. Your Blig is such a tribute to the joy you have in Motherhood, Julian certainly is an expressive and active little fellow. I think we will be hearing lots more of his antics as he continues to grow up. Such a healthy looking little guy.

    Keep your blog going Heidi it is very heartwarming to read?

    1. Thank you Sue! It has been a true joy to watch him grow and develop. And furthermore, to be able to write about it! So glad you are following along.

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