Julian at 7 months

Baby Jules at 7 months

Our Julian Koki is 7 months old! He brings such joy and love to our family. It may be cliche, but I truly cannot imagine life without him. Here are some of the things I want to always remember about our sweet baby Jules at this age.

Biggest Milestones: Julian loves sitting on his own! Before when he sat up I would have to sit right behind him, in case he tipped backwards. Lately, he has been sitting independently and loves being able to see more of what’s going on. He is beginning to support himself more on his knees than his belly, a sign that crawling is in our near future!

Talking: Julian is continuing to “talk” louder and more than ever. He imitates Jeff and I both when we talk, and it’s the cutest! His favorite word string of consonants is da-da!  I’ll never forget our flight home from Hawaii, he didn’t cry once, but there were a few times that he was babbling loud enough for the whole plane to hear.

Eating: Little man is now eating solids! His first food was an avocado grown on the property where we stayed in Hawaii. From there, he has eaten it all! It’s hard to nail down a favorite food because he really will eat everything. He has even loved some non-traditional foods for a baby, including marlin, venison and acai. I make his baby food myself and put them into this amazing pouches for when we’re on the go.

Sleeping: Baby Jules continues to be an incredible sleeper. He naps twice daily, and goes down every night around 6:30-7pm. He gets a good 12 hours of sleep a night and when he wakes in the morning you can hear him talking to his lovey. It’s the sweetest thing.

Favorite activity: Nearly every day Julian and I go on a 3 mile walk to the lake behind our house. It certainly is more challenging now that we have adopted our puppy, Jet! Julian loves checking out the beautiful sights and the sounds of the birds.  A true Pacific Northwest baby, he even loves going in the rain. Me, not so much.   

Favorite book: Julian’s Nana recently bought him an ABC popup book that he is in love with. It takes you on a safari through the alphabet, and includes lots of animals I’ve never heard of. Xenops anyone?

One thing I never want to forget: Baby Jules is a heavy feeder! I have been making his baby foods at home and often putting them into reusable pouches. When he sees a pouch he stops what he’s doing and squeals with excitement. When I give him the packet he holds it himself and can drink it up in about 30 seconds. I have mixed feelings about how independently he can feed himself! But it is pretty darn cute to watch him slurp those veggies up!



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  1. Would love a post on how you make Jule’s baby food, and what foods you make! I have a little one (4mos.), too, and just started thinking about baby food. Would love to make my own, but I’m not sure where to start.

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