Julian at 8 Months

Baby Jules at 8 months
Baby Jules at 8 months

Our Julian Koki is 8 months old today! His personality is shining through more than ever, and we feel so fortunate to be his parents. Here are some of the things I want to always remember about our sweet baby Jules at this age.

Biggest Milestones: Julian is on the move! He scoots, army crawls and rolls to his destination. He is still dragging his belly around, so I’m not sure I would call it “crawling” just yet. But he is mobile! He is also pulling himself up to stand and can hold the position for some time! With mama right behind him of course.

Talking: Julian’s favorite word continues to be dada. I document this a lot of snapchat! He is babbling more and more, and louder and louder. He says mamamama but it is a lot less frequent than dada. He’s figuring out his N’s and B’s as well. Which makes his Nana very happy!

Eating: Baby Julian eats it all! I have gotten more creative with his baby food lately. Just last night he had a puree of avocado, pear, spinach and rosemary. He loves to eat what we’re eating as well. Which means, now more than ever, I really need to be mindful of what we are eating.

Sleeping: Our little man is still an incredible sleeper, and we do not take it for granted! He is staying up a little later during these summer days, and sleeping about 12 hours a night. Hallelujah!

Favorite activity: Now that it’s summertime, we’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and have been to several outdoor BBQ’s and hosted a fun Fourth of July party ourselves. Julian loves hanging out outside with his rescue pup Jet and everyone else. He is already so spoiled by his grandparents, especially those grandmas! And he loves it!

Favorite book: We are both loving Julian’s Five-Minute Bedtime Stories from Usborne lately. As the title states, each story takes about 5 minutes to read, and follows the chronicles or Dog, Cat and other friends. It’s the perfect way to wind down before bed.

One thing I never want to forget: When Julian sees something he wants (usually food) he goes into a frenzy. His eyes grow wide, he begins grunting loudly and waving his arms so you’ll take note. As if you could miss it! It’s one of our favorite things to witness. If only we could all have such enthusiasm!



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  1. How fast growth & development occurs! I absolutely adore each day, each hour, each month! I beautiful process to witness & be a part of. I love this little-big guy so very much & delight in each smile, sound & movement he makes. It’s a wonderful life!

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