Julian at 9 Months

Baby Jules at 9 months

Our Julian Koki is 9 months old today! This past month has been a big one for him. So read on to find out about his milestones and crazy antics! He brings us more joy and love than we ever could have imagined. We love you baby Jules.

Biggest Milestones: Julian is officially crawling! I had resigned myself to the fact that he may skip this milestone. He was scooting around very efficiently on our concrete floors, so it didn’t seem like there was much motivation for him to learn to crawl. But he has mastered the crawl! And he’s already too fast for me.

Talking: Baby Jules continues to babble very loudly! He is getting his consonants down, and has picked up growling as a form of communication, interestingly enough. Of course, I am thrilled that the Mamamama’s are still coming! But dada remains his most used “word.” Although, a close second to “dada” is his use of doh! Just like Homer Simpson! Dude Pa is proud. 

Eating: Baby Julian continues to eat it all! I am still making his purees but they seem to be more of a snack these days than a meal. He is eating a lot more of my food; lots of eggs, cheese, beans, berries, yogurt, chicken. Even sweets on very special occasions. It also just occurred to me, that I have failed to mention on all of these posts that Julian is still nursing on-demand as well! It has been a challenging road for us, (mastitis 4 times!) so I am proud of where we are and where we have come from. 

Sleeping: Our guy is still a champion sleeper, and I hope it stays that way! I’ve written before about how when he used to wake up he would talk to his lovey for a bit until we came into his room. Lately, you can hear him wake up by all the racket he makes sitting and standing and shuffling around in his crib!

Favorite activity: We still do a lot of walks and hikes, but it was a bit much for me to have the stroller and the pup, so I started wearing Julian on my back, and he LOVES it! I record a lot of our walks and hikes on snap and insta stories. He usually takes a little cat nap on my back towards the end, it melts my heart to see him snoozing back there!

Favorite book: I have never been great at remembering nursery rhymes, so I got this Mother Goose story book at Eagle Harbor Bookstore and we read a little rhyme from it everyday! Julian loves the rhymes and I love the reminder of how they all go.

One thing I never want to forget: Julian and Jet, our handsome new puppy, have formed a special friendship! They play well together (most of the time) and have even developed a love for tug of war. They always seem to be going after the same toys! Luckily, Julian doesn’t seem to mind that Jet always wins.



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