The Perfect (Salacious) Beach Read

The perfect beach read novel for summer 2017

(Hat: Nordstrom, Towel: Olive and Linen, Book: Amazon)

If you’re looking for the perfect beach read, then look no further. “How To Murder Your Life” a memoir by Cat Marnell is just as hysterical as the title suggests. A successful beauty editor for Lucky Magazine by day and a Manhattan socialite and drug addict by night. Well, to be fair, she’s really she’s a drug addict by day too.

Marnell gives you a behind the scenes peek into the Manhattan social scene and her abuse of prescription pills and later experimentation with harder substances. Her writing is witty and painfully self aware. I love books that take me to a world that seems completely foreign to me.

“How To Murder Your Life” is the perfect, read-in-a-day, kind of beach read. That is, if you’re not shy about sex, drugs, and self destruction. Have you read it? Do you plan to? Let me know! Happy reading everyone!



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