Sweater Weather Has Arrived!

Best cozy sweaters for autumn 2017! Sweater weather in the Pacific Northwest, fall 2017.

Happy Fall y’all! Loving autumn is “basic” for a reason; it is one of the best seasons! Fall has always felt like more of a new start to me than New Years does. Perhaps that’s from years of schooling where it really was the start of a new year. Last year I was very ambitious and wrote an autumn to-do list. I’m hoping to even get one of those things checked off the list this year.

I love it when the weather turns and I can start cozying up in sweaters. But even more so this year because I’m still adjusting to my post-partum body. Oh hi muffin top. I’ve rounded up a few sweaters I am lusting after, and a few that are already being put to use in my wardrobe. Hope you are all enjoying the start of the new season. I’m off to bake another loaf of Pumpkin Chocolate Bread. Promise I will jot down the recipe soon so I can share it here with you guys! I haven’t forgotten, I’m just still adjusting to two under two. And sleep deprivation. And having no “me-time.” Happy Friday everyone!



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