Thank You For Making Me a Mother

You changed my life in an instant. The first look at those two parallel pink lines. The first kick from inside my belly. The first cry as you came earthside. The first time I felt your skin on mine. The first smile and then laugh. You have changed me forever, in the greatest ways possible. In ways I never would have imagined.

Birth photo 2

You have brought me the purest love. You remind me to slow down; to embrace what matters most. You teach me to love myself greater, because I see the way that you love me. You have allowed me to see the magic in the littlest things. You have created even more love between you father and I. Everyday you teach me a little more about myself.

Birth photo 3

My son, you are what I never knew I always needed in this life.  

Thank you. Thank you for making me a mother.





Photography by Sara Krebsbach


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  1. LOVE THIS! Reading it made me want to cry a little. The ways we change so much, yet so little when our children come into the world. My little guy is almost 10 months old now and it’s so amazing to watch him grow and change; sad too, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Bobbi! Writing Julian a letter was such a fun and emotional activity for me, I bet you would love it to! Try it out! Happy Mother’s Day mama!

  2. Heidi, my dear love, this is so beautiful! You are entering a cherished time in life. The simplest days become your favorites! Motherhood is remarkable❤️

  3. Heidi thank you for sharing your treasured moments with your little sunshine. They always make me smile. Your recipes are also very helpful. Happy Mother’s Day ?

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