The Magnolia Story

2017 book recommendation, The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Amazing book for parents and entrepreneurs!

Hello again and happy Wednesday! Since I have been managing my pregnancy illness: hyperemesis gravidarum, a lot better lately, I have been doing some catch up with my reading list! I wasn’t able to read for about 3 months because it worsened my nausea. Besides feeling miserable that whole time, I was also pretty bored! We don’t have a TV, so books play a big role in my source of entertainment. Alright, without further ado, here is what I read and loved this past month!

Like most of America, I have a admiration and certain level intrigue for Chip and Joanna Gaines. In case you live under a rock, they are the lovable married couple and stars of HGTV’s hit show, Fixer Upper. The couple flips older houses in the small town of Waco, TX, and creates their clients dream home. It really is miraculous to see what they can create together. Like I said above, I don’t even have a TV and I’ve caught a few episodes here and there. This book was recommended to me by several close friends, including the lovely Whitney Coudray, so I knew I had to pick it up.

The Magnolia Story reads like a diary straight from Joanna herself, with Chip’s hilarious voice interspersed throughout. You would be hard-pressed to find a more gracious, and down to earth pair of reality stars out there. Which it’s a large part of their appeal, and the main reason I decided to read. How is it possible that two TV stars could be so grounded and morally driven in today’s world? That’s the question that has so many of us hooked!

The Magnolia Story is a beautiful telling of Chip and Joanna’s lives and how they run their businesses. I found myself most intrigued by the way Joanna discussed motherhood. She goes into intimate detail on how she began designing a home for her family to thrive in, not just reside in. I mean, check out my favorite quotes below! I highly recommend this book to any parent, and certainly to any entrepreneur.  

Have you read Chip and Joanna’s book? Do you plan to? Let me know in the comments! And be sure to tag me on Instagram (heidi.stephens) if this inspires you to pick up The Magnolia Story!

Favorite quotes: “I always thought that the ‘thriving’ would come when everything was perfect, and what I learned is that it’s actually down in the mess that things get good.”Joanna Gaines, The Magnolia Story

“I worked hard to try to do it all, to try to live up to the Pinterest perfection that only leaves you discontent. I finally realized that life isn’t found on the pages of a magazine-life is found in the glass of spilled milk and in the long, narrow hallway filled with socks and soccer balls.”Joanna Gaines, The Magnolia Story



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