A Few Things: Vol. 1

A Half Day Winter Women's Retreat in a yurt tucked away on beautiful Bainbridge Island, WA in the PNW. An inspiring day of yoga, reflection and sacred sauna with fellow island women. -Heidi Stephens, Bainbridge Boheme
A Half-Day Women’s Retreat on Bainbridge. Including yoga, and reflection in the most amazing yurt.

Hello there friends! I have been wanting a place to share some random thoughts and things I’m loving lately. But I felt like it didn’t necessarily fit anywhere within the blog. So I decided to start a new series on Bainbridge Boheme called, “A Few Things.” I would love to update it weekly, but I’m not making any promises with these crazy kiddos and no nanny in sight 😉

I am looking forward to having a space to share some round-up style updates from my life. You can expect to see some of my favorite links, whatever I bought on Amazon this week (or what I’m lusting after), new recipes I’ve tried, or workouts I’ve done. I have also been making a lot of positive changes in my life, and I’d like for it to be a space to share those thoughts and techniques as well.

This series is going to be laid back and so fun to create. It is my hope that it will resonate with you, and that you’ll gain some inspiration from it.

Without further ado, here are “A Few Things” from this week!

  • Love this video from Boppy about #NeverNotAMom. I teared up. It’s so true and makes me proud to be a mama.
  • Attended a Women’s Winter Retreat this weekend hosted by my friend Laurel. It was rejuvenating and inspired me to take more moments to get quiet with myself.
  • Currently working on getting Julian to start sleeping in again now that he’s climbing out of his crib. I grabbed this Elmo Alarm Clock from Amazon and I think he’s starting to get it! Essentially if he wakes up and it’s red, he knows he needs to go back to bed, and if it’s green he can wake up and get the party going. Thanks for all the good vibes on this one! He normally sleeps til 8am but has been waking at 5:30am for the past week. Yikes.
  • Had the tastiest pizza at Bruciato on Bainbridge. Check out this pizza! If you have a date night coming up, try this place! So fresh and delish. Oh, and they have happy hour M-F 3-6pm!
  • I have been going crazy making meals from this cookbook since the New Year. Including this baked oatmeal!
  • I’ve also been doing a lot more yoga with Inez on my mat below me! She gets a kick out of it, and lots of tickles! There are so many free videos on YouTube, but I have been using this one. Mostly because it’s only 20 minutes and that’s about all this mama can find time for! If you have favorite channels, please let me know!



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